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We Care for You Vocational & Training Institute has been working in Ghana for over 5 years as a non-profit practical training centre to support young women to learn a trade, thus creating their own employment after graduation.
In Ghana, many children, especially girls drop out of school. While some get pregnant unplanned and become a burden to society others without such experiences even struggle for jobs and are exploited by men and women bosses alike.  As a result, there is a need to address the root causes of these issues. For this reason, WeCare4U works with girls from deprived, rural communities where there are little opportunities for young people to do decent jobs to earn a living. We work with female students 15 years and above who fall below the local poverty line, who would not have access to higher education due to location or financial circumstances but have ambition for knowledge in the instructed trades.
Since 2015 our work has impacted the lives of 25 young women who have successfully graduated and are presently gainfully employed. In addition, over 30 girls are currently undergoing apprenticeship and will graduate by October 2020.

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The Creative Women's Skills Centre!

We Care for You Vocational School prides itself on our team of dedicated, experienced and committed professionals who guide us through our mission and help to shape our corporate values. Below are the profiles of the management team and board of advisers.

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